Corporative Values

PROSERTEC’s vision, which brings together the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability, is based on six values representing firm commitments of the Company:

Corporate ethics and responsibility

PROSERTEC is committed to the best corporate governance practices, to principles of business ethics, and to transparency in all of the Company’s fields of endeavor.

PROSERTEC acts in furtherance of the corporate interest, understood as the common interest of all shareholders of an independent corporation oriented towards the exploitation of its corporate purpose, pursuant to applicable law and the Corporate Governance System. The foregoing should not inhibit the consideration of the other public or private legitimate interests involved in the conduct of any business activity.

PROSERTEC is a Company that becomes involved in and learns from the cultural and social realities of the communities in which it has a presence.

Economic results

PROSERTEC’s commitment to achieve the growth and profitability objectives spelled out in the Company’s Strategic Plan is the method to ensure the success of the corporate plan and to meet the demands and expectations of all groups involved in the present and the future of PROSERTEC.

Respect for the environment

The focus on the development of clean energy and respect for the environment are some of the pillars of PROSERTEC’s company model and the factors that distinguish our Company.

Sense of belonging and trust

PROSERTEC strives to establish firm and permanent ties with its stakeholders, thus building a sense of belonging to an excellent Company, of which such stakeholders feel an integral part and in whose plan they feel involved.

By means of ongoing dialogue, PROSERTEC wants to be a company capable of inspiring trust among all those who participate in and deal with the Company.

Safety and reliability

PROSERTEC strives to offer its energy supply and to carry out the other activities undertaken by the Group within a safe and reliable environment. People’s safety at the Group’s facilities, in surrounding areas and among customers, as well as the development and dissemination across the entire Group of the best practices in the area of safety and prevention, are essential components of its processes.

Customer focus

PROSERTEC strives to know the needs and expectations of its customers, and seeks a continuous improvement of their level of satisfaction and their attachment to the Company. PROSERTEC’s objective is to provide the highest service quality.

The commitments assumed by PROSERTEC in the Company’s vision and values, far from being a mere statement of principles, apply to its daily practice and are part of the day-to-day management of the PROSERTEC Group in all its areas of activity.